Casualties: Vande Bharat Boing 737 from Dubai Crashed at Kozhikode Runway.

Air India Boing 737 crashed in the runway into two parts while landing at Kozhikode Airport. 6 crew members along with 189 boarded passengers were present inside the flight. According to the DGCA the flight skidded in the runway due to heavy rain. As per the latest information from the DGCA the Pilot has lost his life and the co-pilot is severely injured. Till now there is no proper update on passengers casualties.

DGCA has introduced helpline numbers for the passenger relatives.

Helpline Nos. 0565463903, 0543090572
For emergency please contact the above numbers.

The flight took off from Dubai today carrying 6 crew members and 189 passengers. But due to low visibility while landing the flight skidded in the runway leading to massive accident. Accident resulted the flight broke down to two parts with heavy damage.


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