“Nature’s Biggest Marvel” Great Barrier Reef Tourism

The Great Barrier Reef doesn’t really need much of an introduction. It is the single largest composition of living organisms in the world, and without a shadow of a doubt, nature’s most revelled masterpiece.

A vacation at the Great Barrier Reef will definitely be right up there with the best memories you’ll have in the span of your life. Endless sea, a sprawling archipelago, and the unreal coral reef under the water just make for a mesmerising scene altogether. There is so much to do at the reef! You can cruise through the islands and the reef, dive underwater for an up close and personal tour of the amazing beauty of the coral, go on bushwalks on islands such as the Hayman, relax on beaches for hours on end, or even skydive over the Heart Reef, perhaps the most scenic dive spot in the world. You can stay in resorts on the islands, waking up to the unbelievable beauty around you, have a selection of amazing local food, and then get back to your day of exploring this absolute marvel of nature. Without a doubt, a trip to the Great Barrier Reef will give you memories to cherish for life.


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